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Because Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds

A wound that won't heal needs more than just another dressing. It needs the experience of a multidisciplinary wound care team, like the one at United Home Care!

The primary goal of United Home Care is to develop a management strategy that will heal the wound in the shortest amount of time while preventing infection.  Patients who have chronic non-healing wounds often experience a marked reduction in quality of life, including pain, declining mobility and fears about possible amputation.

For the patient, as well as the physician, treating  a wound that won’t heal can be frustrating, expensive, and time consuming.  United Home Care offers patients with chronic wounds a comprehensive treatment program that helps them regain mobility and independence.

United Home Care has a wound care team that offers services for patients being treated for  the following conditions:

In addition to providing treatment for patients with chronic wounds, United Home Care's wound care program, inTOUCH, also treats people with:

United Home Care's wound care program, inTOUCH, also provides services for:

United Home Care treats diabetic, arterial, collagen vascular disease, venous, pressure, surgical and other types of non-healing wounds when the wounds:

For more information about our wound care program, inTOUCH, or to arrange care for a patient or a family member, call (318) 329-9090 or (800) 515-7248.

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